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De-Escalation Specialist


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Preserving Lives

A company with over 25 years of community service experience.

Men In Black is a fully bonded and insured de-escalation organization; most importantly, we are a community engagement organization that strongly believes the first line of defense is communication.  We take pride in and we  value the communities that we serve, because De-escalation is about healing and repairing. ​Men In Black  has a connection with the communities we serve, the way it should be! We will continue to pride ourselves in the work we do with following our CHI culture. Courage, Honor, and Integrity!   ​Men In Black  has an ideology that stems from its Founder and Co-Founder that emphasizes their mantra “Be Like Water”. With combined experience of over 50 years we've been successful in some of the most dangerous venues across the Twin Cities metro area... MIB was baptized by fire long ago.  ​Through that rugged truth of the nightlife, one quickly develops the skillset necessary in ascertaining any given situation at any given time…quickly!  ​Having these skills has allowed a number of “o​n the job” dynamics that give MIB its uniqueness in the realm of  de-escalation.   ​One of our naturally developed skills embodies our mantra ‘Be Like Water”; when most choose to meet aggression with aggression, we choose assertiveness. When they push, we pull, when they go high we stand firm. Being a de-escalation specialist is about preserving the lives of ALL of the parties involved…including the aggressor.  ​ ​We believe in human beings…people, we believe in our brothers and sisters, and we believe in their natural ability to want to do good. We give the opportunity, through communication, for them to be their brother’s keeper. ​Gone are the days where the first response to an aggressor is to bash their head in and show who the big man/woman on the hill is. We lead with de-escalation through communication.














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