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Our Service

De-escalation & Violence Interruption 

With a 98% success rate in de-escalation through communication we provide what is truly needed for a society that has changed drastically. The opioid epidemic, rise in mental heal crises, joblessness, and homelessness, this society needs an empathetic ear.


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MN Conceal & Carry Permit Course​

Never has a Minnesota Permit to Carry Class been so financially accessible! For the best price out, you can learn all you need to know to get you to the next phase of purchasing your firearm.
Basic Firearms Safety Training & Cleaning

Now that you have your CCW, what type of firearm is right for you? What does caliber or grains mean with ammo? What's the best way to carry? How do I clean this damn thing?
Tactical Firearms Training

This course is for those individuals who want to expand their knowledge base by building muscle memory, situational awareness, shoot-no-shoot coordination and overall tactical skills. 
Asian man practicing CPR on a plastic mannequin with Automated External Defibrillator (AED

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/CPR Training

Want to become certified in CPR-AED-First Aid? 

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De-escalation Training

Would you like to know the secret to our 98% success rate in de-escalating situations through active listening? Do you think your team or staff could learn a thing or two? Look no further...

Training & Self-Defense Programs

We train in various Self-Defense Styles with proven techniques. We provide tactical assessment training with coordinated movements.

Emergancy Trauma Care

We offer you the opportunity to SAVE A LIFE if a traumatic experience occurs such as gun shot wound or stabbing


Narcan/Naloxone Training


With the Opioid epidemic growing each year we train communities and businesses in substance abuse disorder.

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